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Meredith has been walking with her friend, Jesus, since she was a young girl. Meredith loves getting people together in the name of Jesus. Whether it's a small group, book group, play group, or a coffee date, Meredith loves to create an atmosphere that is inviting, warm full of love, hope and laughter.

Meredith loves to ask questions that cause people to dig deeper into their relationship with Christ. She grew up in the church and has continued her love of the church into adulthood.

Meredith currently serves as the substitute teaching leader at Bible Study Fellowship, she writes weekly blog posts to inspire her readers to go deeper in their relationship with Christ, and Meredith enjoys speaking and teaching God's word to women's ministry groups around the area. She also loves to lead small groups with her husband on parenting and marriage.

She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Phillip and loves any and all time spent together with their four children.

Phillip has been a believer in Jesus since he was about 8 years old. Son of a pastor in a small country church in the Shenandoah Valley, he has always spent his time at the church and working for God's mission.

Phillip has taken many different roles with his faith family including leading specific small groups as well as on different topics (young couples, marriage, parenting, etc.), children's ministry, leadership team and helping out in many other roles.

He works full time for his community and has dedicated his life to serving others, through the church, military and police work. He is a family man with his wife, Meredith and 4 children, Caroline, Kate, Samuel and George.

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